Declaration of data management

The purpose of present declaration of data management is to give the principals and rules for management of personal and other data provided by the users of during the use of the homepage which are available for the operator of the homepage – data manager -. Present declaration refers only to information needed for using the homepage which were provided to the data manager. It does not refer to cases when somebody publish his/her personal data – or part of it -on or through the homepage in his/her own motivation.


Certain services of (e.g.: Forum, Newsletter, comments to News etc.) can be used only after a preliminary and willing registration.. During registration process users can give data which are considered as personal data according to the LXIII. Law of 1992 – protection of the personal data and publicity of data of public utility - thus the orders of this law are applicable for the management of this information.

During registration process the following date must be provided:

  • Name (nickname (obligatory)
  • e-mail address (obligatory)

All the data or consequences which can be connected with any stipulated (identified or unidentified) natural person –(afterwards as effected person) are considered as personal data. The personal data remains personal till the time when its connection with the effected person can be reconstructed. The person can be considered as identifiable particularly if he can be identified – directly or indirectly – with his/her name, identifying code, one or more physical, mental, economic, cultural or social identities which are typical of him/her. The name and e-mail address of the data given during registration can be considered as personal date on certain conditions (if the name and e-mail address are correct and valid) The supplier that provides date storage facility to the data manager can become aware of certain data concerning the use of internet of the user (e.g.: IP address). The data manager does not manage this data, the rules of data management of the data storage facility provider are applicable in this matter.

Aim of the data management

The data manager does not handle particularly personal data. If such data is published on the homepage, is fixed in the data base or the data manager becomes aware of it by any way he/she is entitled to cancel it immediately. Users have the possibility to send messages to other users through the homepage. We ask our users not to indicate any personal data – further to the data given during registration – in these messages. If it is absolutely necessary to give these personal data it can be done only by personal contact (e-mail, telephone etc.) If – in spite of our request – a user send personal or particularly personal data in his/her message the data manager will consider it as he/she contributed the management of this data. The data manager reserves the right to cancel such data immediately..

Contribution to data management

During registration users specifically contribute to the management of his/her data which are obligatory for the registration

Safety of data

The data manager does his best to ensure the safety of the devices of computer technology used by him/her especially to prevent the data from unauthorized access. Anyhow the data manager states that he/she does not run the computer devices thus it is the data storage provider that has to take all these responsibility.

Rights of users concerning data management

Users can ask information regarding the data management of their personal data and can ask the manager to correct or delete their personal data. Based on the request of user the data manager provides information of the data managed by him/her, the aim, legal title and period of data management, the name of the data manager, its headquarter, the activity related to the data management, furthermore he provides the name of the persons who got these data and its purpose. The data manager is obliged to give this information in the shortest possible period – but not later than 30 days counted from the date of the application form. Users can ask for the correction or modification of their data at any time.

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