9:05 am. Feb 18, 2016

New working widths for line spreading booms

Already available in 9 m, 12 m, 15 m and 18 m widths, the Penditwist spreading booms are now manufactured in 13.5 m and 16 m. Furthermore, the Pendislide booms are now available in 9 m, 12 m, 13.5 m and 15 m.

JOSKIN meets its customers' needs: based on the common working widths of sprayers (27 m and 32 m), the users of JOSKIN spreading booms of 13.5 m and 16 m will be able to divide the ground compaction and the ruts formation by two (since the sprayer drives in the same ruts). It is an easy and efficient adaptation that will makes many farmers and contractors' work easier.

Spreading booms are an essential implement in modern agriculture in order to:

• increase the agricultural land yields;

• use an available and free resource;

• precisely lay slurry at the foot of the plant without dirtying it (especially with Pendislide);

• reduce the contact between slurry and air and therefore limit ammonia losses and bad smells;

• reduce the purchase costs of mineral nitrogen fertilizers;

• reduce wind resistance and therefore the risk of drift and spreading irregularity.

Furthermore, JOSKIN booms are standard fitted with:

• an anti-drip system for transport (150° folding);

• a hydraulic folding system;

• an anti-crash device: each boom wing is fitted with a hinge system and springs that pivot if an obstacle is hit;

• a galvanized steel construction for a fully-tested resistance.

The Penditwist line spreading boom precisely lays the slurry at the foot of the plant while reducing losses.

The Pendislide, fitted with ertalon skids, allows to increase the spreading precision by perfectly following the ground relief and parting leaves.

Finally, the options of this range are also available with these new dimensions.


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