8:49 am. Nov 25, 2015

Tetraliner Dolly: Efficient and Well-Thought Transport!

During the previous edition of the Agritechnica trade show, in 2013, JOSKIN introduced its slurry tanker dedicated to transport: the Tetraliner. Nowadays, the slurry transport chain becomes increasingly important, both for contractors and operators of biogas plants, or farmers conveying the liquids to the spreading area. Since the distances between the storage location and the area to be spread on are indeed becoming even longer, an optimal management of these works is required to reach the best performances.

It is in this sense that the JOSKIN group, specialized in the transportation of livestock manure, has added a Dolly equipment to its Tetraliner range. In order to meet the demand of an even higher productivity, this system has a main advantage: its permissible total load of 34t, i.e. max. 10t on each axle and a max. weight of 4t on the eyelet, depending on the the tractor type.

The JOSKIN Dolly system is made of an axle on turntable (Ø 974mm), directly fitted on the tank for an easy but efficient manufacturing. The weight transfer from the Dolly to the tractor, combined with the standard air braking system, allows to reach a maximal safety during the journeys, even at high speed or on hilly grounds. The presence of baffles (EN707 standard) further increases the safety.

With 4 models based on the structure and equipment of a "classical" Tetraliner, the Tetraliner Dolly range is standard fitted with fixed axles (rear free steering axles for model of 26,000l) of the high speed type, which allow, for instance in Germany, to register the vehicle with a speed of 60km/h. In order to ensure an optimal driving comfort both on the road and field, spring suspensions with parabolic leaves are standard mounted on each model. The tankers can be fitted with road tyres (400R22.5) or tyres with a diameter up to 1,250mm and a width up to 570mm.

A vacuum pump is factory fitted on each tanker. Since it is located in the V-shaped drawbar, it is properly protected while turning or driving on an uneven ground, but it is still available for an easy maintenance. It is then possible to fill and empty in a multifunctional way. Vacuum pumps with a higher capacity, as well as various filling tools (turbo-filler, left/right filling arm, rear funnel, etc.) and a 8" unloading arm, are also available in the wide JOSKIN range in order to further increase the multifunctionality and autonomy of the vehicle.

With this design that combines transport capacity, safety and sturdiness, JOSKIN proposes another solution to contractors and farmers who have to face long journeys to convey slurry to the spreading area.


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