9:25 am. Sep 20, 2013

The new 400 hp Massey Ferguson 8700 tractor series will be introduced in Hanover

Some models of the new MF 8700 series will be the strongest tractors ever produced by Massey Ferguson with their 400 hp capacity provided by their Power Management .

The MF 8700 series – which will be introduced in November at Agritechnica are built on the success of the 8600 awarded series with tractors using the world’s first Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology .

The modernist engines of AGCO SISU POWER were built into the 5 new models which meet the strictest environmental rules of Stage IV/Tier 4 final. The tractor series contain several novelties in case of driving-gear, cabin and handling elements to increase its power and effectiveness and to make its handling easier. All the models will be available in Efficient and Exclusive version.

“Fuel-efficiency, liability, and simplicity are the most important points-of-view for the farmers who are looking for tractors in this power category. MF8700 tractors provide even better power and cost-efficiency than the awarded MF8600 series which already proved these features in the recent years. – said Campbell Scott the brand development manager at Massey Ferguson

“A Massey Ferguson developed these tractors from the very beginning to apply SCR technology. Thus the new components – which are required by the strictest emission rules – were parts of the developing process. There are no big filters or spare parts hanging out. All the technology are integrated into the original plan of the machine – he said.


MF 8727

MF 8730

MF 8732

MF 8735

MF 8737

Max. power with EPM *  (Hp)






Max. power (Hp)






* (EPM) Engine Power Management

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