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We experince-BKT

The figurative slogan, “WE EXPERIENCE – being part of your field”, represents the company’s promise and commitment to share experiences, emotions and skills. The multi-product campaign expresses the perfect balance between the user and the manufacturer aiming at improving the brand identity in different areas of application.

BKT’s new advertising campaign, which debuted in Paris at the SIMA trade show, has taken off with great momentum. The strong verbal message, “WE EXPERIENCE – being part of your field”, focuses on the solid bond between the company and the end user. This message is supported by a graphic design that highlights a tire which is entirely immersed in its environment, symbolizing the total integration within the tire’s field of application.

The visual message wrapped into the multi-product marketing campaign – through the use of photographs and images representing the various fields of application – shows different user needs in relation to the intended tire operation.

The stars of the new campaign are BKT’s several top-of-the-range tires designed for the different sectors including: agriculture, earthmoving, industrial and construction.

BKT’s communication leitmotif, the total integration of a tire in its field of application, is meant to represent the consolidated and balanced relationship between the company and how its products fit perfectly into users’ everyday work environment, underscoring the slogan: "WE EXPERIENCE – being part of your field."

The new BKT advertising campaign will have wide coverage in the international press, both print and online, as well as in major world exhibitions held during 2015.


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