Fotó – The Ukraine signs the Danube Soya Declaration

The Ukraine signs the Danube Soya Declaration

The largest soya bean cultivating country in Europe signs the Danube Soya Declaration. Thus, together with its neighbouring countries, the Ukraine agrees to join the effort in establishing a GM-free European protein supply, as well as co-operating in mutual soya research and development. With currently over 2 million hectares of soya beans, and a potential of 5 million hectares, the Ukraine is a pivotal fountainhead for the European protein supply. The Danube Soya Declaration was signed by the Ukrainian Vice-Minister Vladyslava Rutytska during Danube Soya Chairman Matthias Krön’s visit to the most important agricultural trade fair in the Ukraine, the AGRO Expo. This agreement is the initial step in establishing a series of joint endeavours for the Danube Soya Association and the Ukrainian Government. 2015. június 19., 11:50

Two new publications describe the communal conservation initiatives in northeastern Peru; reasoning, challenges and successes.

Northeastern Peru is considered a global conservation priority due to high biodiversity and acute threats to natural habitats, species and resources. Its non-indigenous migrant populations, known as “campesinos”, are presented by mainstream conservation agents as a major threat to this area, as environmentally destructive, apathetic to nature and only responsive to economic and material incentives. 2014. július 23., 09:01

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