“Around the world in 80 horses”

In order to familiarize people with this majestic yet everyday beast, the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy are launching “Around the world in 80 horses”. This project is open to everyone, and not only gives people the chance to learn how to ride, but also offers an insight into equestrian culture, thanks to a series of stories that recount the history of horses from all over the globe: the breeds of “sport” horses, horses used for work or leisure, important events, and much more.

Every Saturday from 6th July 2013 onwards, readers of the region’s daily newspaper can enjoy a story about local or not-so-local horses, legendary steeds, modern-day heroes, and the stars of the World Equestrian Games. These stories are from Mr. Jean-Louis Gouraud, a well-known French historian and writer










In November 2013, this horse-themed journey will enter a new phase as it tours around the emblematic sites of the equestrian universe and of Normandy. Various kinds of performances and entertainment activities will be held all over the region in order to promote the equestrian world and delight all spectators, including huge billboards illustrating Jean Louis Gouraud’s stories, live performances, stunt demonstrations, circus displays and much more.

With the aid of these entertainment activities, “Around the world in 80 horses” aims to promote the diversity of the different territories while giving spectators an exceptional insight into the types of horse that are favoured around the world. Above all, the project aims to illustrate the ancestral interdependence that links man and horse.

Welcome to the “Around the world in 80 horses” project, which will feature throughout the run-up to the Equestrian Games 2014 in Normandy!

Source: http://www.jemfeialltech2014-normandie.fr

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